Moses Chan assures he is fine after Wuhan trip

9 Jan – Moses Chan assured that he is very much in good health, after returning to Hong Kong from his recent trip to Wuhan - where a pneumonia outbreak was reported.

According to Mingpao, the actor, who attended the Yan Chai Charity Show recently, stated that he only found out about the outbreak two days before he was leaving to the city for a performance.

"After considering the risks, I decided to continue with the trip and take extra care in personal hygiene," he said.

However, Moses believes that there should be no issue as the situation was not as bad as it was reported.

"Maybe it's just that Hong Kong people are wary of the previous experience with the SARS outbreak. I have children at home, so I was cautious too and avoided shaking hands with audiences at the performance," he said.

The actor also stated that he was extra careful to remain in his hotel room throughout his visit, and would only leave the hotel when it was time to perform or to fly home.

"Immediately after returning home, I washed my shirt and disinfect my whole body before I hugged the kids," he added.

Nevertheless, his co-host Ali Lee was not confident with his assurance, and jokingly asked him to stay away so as to not infect her.

(Photo Source: Mingpao)