‘Mortal Kombat’ red band trailer leaks on Reddit

The upcoming Mortal Kombat movie trailer has dropped earlier than expected in a big leak.

The trailer, which is dubbed over in Russian, was leaked in the subreddit, r/MortalKombat. It appears the upcoming movie is set in a different timeline than the mainline Mortal Kombat games but still has throwbacks for old fans, Eurogamer reported.

“DADDY KANO IS F****** DOPE OMG,” one fan wrote in response to the leak. “I’M SO EMOTIONAL LOL.”

The post has since been removed through a copyright strike but the official Mortal Kombat Twitter account has officially revealed the new trailer.

As expected, the upcoming Mortal Kombat isn’t a sequel to the previous films, Mortal Kombat (1995) and Mortal Kombat: Annihilation (1997). Instead, it appears to be a reimagining of the franchise that’s clearly distinct from the storyline of the long-running video games series.

The hero this time around is Cole Young, a journeyman MMA fighter played by action star Lewis Tan. According to the movie’s official synopsis, Cole discovers that he is the bearer of a secret power when the assassin Sub-Zero hunts him down. That’s when Cole also meets Liu Kang, Kung Lao, Sonya Blade, Jax and the rest of the familiar Mortal Kombat cast.

So what’s so special about introducing this new character Cole Young? Well, for starters, fans have been speculating that Cole is actually Johnny Cage. Perhaps Johnny Cage is the stage name that Cole will adopt by the end of the movie. As an MMA guy, he is an actual cage fighter, after all.

And if Cole is indeed Johnny Cage, it means that this new version of Cage is now Asian whereas the original Johnny Cage is white.

Mortal Kombat will be released on April 16 on HBO Max and in theaters.

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