'Morning Joe' Zings Lauren Boebert's Theater 'Groping' With A Sassy One-Liner

Morning Joe” on Monday savagely mocked Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) and her theater antics. (Watch the video below.)

MSNBC’s Jonathan Lemire was recapping Boebert and a date’s ejection from a “Beetlejuice” performance in Denver recently for vaping, talking, taking pictures and other distracting behavior.

Lemire noted that surveillance video disproved the far-right lawmaker’s initial denial and also exposed the couple “explicitly groping each other.”

“When you said ‘explicitly groping each other,’ what does that mean?” host Joe Scarborough asked.

“I think Lauren Boebert is not one known for reaching across the aisle in Congress, but there was some of that here with her male companion,” Lemire cracked.

Rimshot, please!

Boebert continued her apology tour on Sunday.

“I was a little too eccentric. I am very known for having an animated personality. Maybe overtly animated personality,” the right-wing firebrand told One America News Network’s Dan Ball.