‘Morning Joe’ Torches Mike Johnson for Calling America ‘Depraved’: ‘Suddenly This Great Prophet’ | Video

MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” railed against newly minted House Speaker Mike Johnson for saying America is “dark and depraved” in a prayer call he participated in weeks before ascending to the House speakership.

Johnson was on camera in October during a World Prayer Network video call talking about a “time of judgment” for America, and calling the culture “irredeemable.”

After playing a clip of the call, co-host Willie Geist said “Where to begin there, Joe? There’s so much.”

Geist mentioned that later in the video, Johnson expresses concerns about an apparently increasing population of gay- and nonbinary-identifying youths in America. “He’s very worried about that,” the co-host remarked.

“This is the man who helped to lead the attempted coup against the United States government and overturn the 2020 election,” Geist continued. “He’s very worried about faith in institutions.”

“Willie, he ran the Big Lie on Capitol Hill!” exclaimed co-host Joe Scarborough.

“There’s so much hypocrisy to go to here about a guy, again, trying to undermine our institutions,” Scarborough said. “The guy who led in the House of Representatives, the attempt to undermine the United States Constitution, an American presidential election, and an attempt to basically end American democracy.”

Scarborough said, “Then suddenly this great prophet, this Jeremiah of our times, went quietly silent, as mobs rushed the People’s House where he was, and battered and abused police officers with American flags.”

“The hypocrisy,” continued Scarborough. “In the words of, I think it was Homer Simpson when somebody accidentally threw communion water in his eyes, ‘It burns! It burns!’”

“Why do Republicans hate America so much?” questioned Scarborough.

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