‘Morning Joe’ Says Donald Trump Wants to ‘Keep the Border Open’ for ‘Nakedly Cynical’ Political Reasons

Now that Congress seems at least willing to throw money at the southern border following three years of unchecked migration, MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” crew says Donald Trump and House Republican leaders are actively trying to thwart any potential legislation in the name of “nakedly cynical” politics.

Host Joe Scarborough noted early Monday that a “bipartisan group of senators is continuing to inch closer to a deal on border security and foreign aid after months of negotiations.” He also noted that House Speaker Mike Johnson criticized the bill, saying President Biden already has the authority to take action on border security.

“That is his new excuse to stab Ukraine in the back and let fentanyl flood across the border,” Scarborough said.

Congressional leaders, Democrats in particular, have insisted that continued funding for Ukraine’s war with Russia be included in a border security measure. The border bill, a draft of which was expected in the coming days, would fund more patrol agents, asylum officers, detention facilities and deportation efforts; it would also speed up the asylum process but does not have an amnesty component.

“Morning Joe” also played a clip of Trump speaking publicly about the still-under-wraps proposal, saying: “We want either a strong bill or no bill, and whatever happens, happens. But this is the single greatest threat to our country right now.”

“Well … that’s what Republicans have been saying,” Scarborough said. “‘The border crossings!’ Yet, Donald Trump is saying, ‘Keep the border open. Keep it open for another year. Don’t do any deal.'”

Scarborough said the bill, as reported, would be “the toughest border security deal ever. Yet Trump is opposing the conservative deal, just like he hopes the economy crashes, as he said, because he wants there to be a depression before he is president.”

The MSNBC crew earlier this month slammed a Trump interview in which the former president openly hoped that an economic crash would come before the November election “because I don’t want to be Herbert Hoover.”

“It is some of the most nakedly cynical politics we have ever seen,” said co-host Jonathan Lemire said Monday. “Donald Trump is actively rooting against the country for his own political benefit, whether it be about the economy, certainly here at the border.”

Watch the entire exchange in the video above.

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