‘Morning Joe’ Says Biden Has ‘Spring in His Step’ After Election Night: ‘Why Shouldn’t You Feel Confident Again?’

MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” praised President Joe Biden for a “new spark” in his step after a successful election night saying he seems “very confident about what happened on Tuesday night.”

Biden addressed United Auto Workers members in Illinois on Thursday, in a speech that celebrated the UAW for reaching a tentative agreement with the big three U.S. automakers. The speech also included a fair amount of candid and sarcastic moments from Biden, which came as a surprise.

“You’ll notice that there’s like a sort of new spark in Joe Biden’s step,” said co-host Joe Scarborough. “First of all, he’s going after Donald Trump, finally. Going after him by name.”

Scarborough also noted that Biden has been running ads “just telling the truth, about manufacturing in states where it really matters.”

“He does seem very confident about what happened on Tuesday night,” the “Morning Joe” co-host assessed. “And why shouldn’t you feel confident again?”

Scarborough claimed that Biden has always been second-guessed, “people are always doubting him.”

Yet, “time and time again, he exceeds their expectations,” Scarborough said. “So if there seems to be a spring in his step, there’s a good reason.”

Co-host Willie Geist chimed in saying Democrats claimed “victory on Tuesday night,” which is why “you saw some confidence, I think, in part for President Biden as he was in campaign mode at a fundraiser in Chicago.”

“He touted his administration’s success claiming credit for those democratic big wins and several races this week,” Geist continued.

Geist also noted that it was unusual for Biden to call out Trump by name, “something he’s been a little reluctant to do previously.”

“Morning Joe” then played a brief clip of Biden’s speech in which he said “Thank God you didn’t” listen to Trump, while jokingly performing the sign of the cross.

Geist claimed that Trump will “tear down” American institutions, “because he already tried to do it the first time around.”

“We have data that actually democracy matters to people,” said Scarborough. “As a campaign issue. We heard it. everybody was mocking and ridiculing him. democracy matters.”

Biden is “an FDR Democrat,” Scarborough said. “He’s reconnecting with that incredibly important strand of democratic politics, and I think it’s paying off.”

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