More Schools In Singapore Should Adopt This Practice From Punggol Green Primary School

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Every primary school in Singapore is different. But in some schools like Punggol Green Primary School, they add a bit of colour to the learning environment for their students, including allowing them the freedom to think up their own desk decoration ideas.

Yes, you read that right!

Just as inspiration hits us in many ways, this primary school in its own unique way allows students to decorate their desktops with their favourite items.

It solves two purposes. One, kids get to enjoy ownership of their desks; and two, it helps them make a special connection with their teachers in an interesting learning space.

Desk Decoration Ideas For Primary School Students

desk decoration ideas
desk decoration ideas

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The creative initiative began in 2013 when Punggol Green Primary School first started. A teacher from the school Mdm Cai Aimei tells that it was a way for the school to help ease students transition from kindergarten to primary school.

As primary school is a crucial milestone in your child’s school journey, it’s important that they feel welcome. Having them decide their desk decoration ideas can help students “feel a sense of ownership and belonging in their classroom.” It allows teachers to know more about their students’ families.

Parents of Primary 1 students are invited to attend school for the first week of school to decorate together. Before the day of decorating, families are encouraged to plan ahead what they’ll design the desk with. They can select and print photos as well as choose scrapbooking materials for decoration.

Primary 2 to 6 students work on their desk decoration ideas at home. Then they put everything together in class with their form teachers. Mdm Cai says this also helps teachers bond with their students right at the start of the school year.

The Desk Decorating Initiative Has Shown Benefits

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Having their students decorate their desks has shown benefits in their learning experience. One instance is whenever kids miss their parents, teachers direct them to the decorations on their desk. They remind students just how much their families care and love for them.

It encourages children to continue working harder since they are reminded of their supportive parents. Mdm Cai says it makes their students feel like their parents are present with them.

Such a creative and supportive initiative should be adopted in other primary schools in Singapore. Especially as it inspires primary schoolers to learn better and remind them who’s rooting for them through their school life.

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