More IKEA Singapore customers complain about its bug-infested furniture

Another bug infestation complaint against IKEA’s furniture has been circulating online today just two months after the Swedish furniture brand removed its storage baskets from shelves that were infested with tiny black insects.

In a TikTok posted yesterday, user Qierra C showed a swarm of black bugs surrounding the grey sofa she bought from IKEA last October after flipping it over to find that the crawlies came from the wood underneath.

She claimed that the furniture brand can only retrieve the sofa two weeks later, and have called them three times just yesterday to “escalate the case.”

“It is spreading all around the house and to our other wood furnitures but IKEA can only take it back 2 whole weeks LATER,” the video caption read.

@qierrachoo @IKEA @Ikea_official since I’m still waiting for your call and I’m tired from cleaning bugs #sofa #ikeasofa #bugs #infestation ♬ France Accordion Swing – MIZUSATO Masaki

It is not clear whether the bugs came from IKEA’s warehouse or the TikTok user’s home. IKEA Singapore has not immediately responded to Coconuts’ queries requesting comment.

Comments under the clip said they also found insects in their IKEA bookshelves and a dining table which was infested with ants that spread to the house.

Some said it was “bed bugs” and that it might be from their house instead.

Others think that Singapore’s humid weather paired with IKEA’s wood is not a great combination.

“I think most of Ikea’s wood not suitable for Singapore’s weather,” TikTok user Lisaaaaaaaalili wrote.

The brand had dealt with a similar complaint last December from an unsatisfied customer who filmed herself going down to the IKEA store to slam their KNIPSA storage boxes on the ground after the brand tried to place blame for the bugs on her instead.

Several insects fell to the ground and the brand ended up apologizing to her and removed the boxes for sale.

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