More than 3,000 km of bike paths to be built in Romania

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Romania plans to build more than 3,000 km of new bike paths.

The Romanian government has pledged to contribute 120 million euros to a program to develop bicycling, which aims to create more bike lanes and an updated legislative framework for cycling infrastructure.

Like most of its neighbors in the European Union, Romania is about to embark on a vast plan to relaunch its economy in the wake of the Covid-19 crisis, and cycling infrastucture will have an important role to play.

In all, some 3,000 kilometers will be built, a portion of which will be included in the well-known EuroVelo network. Managed by the European Cyclists Federation (ECF), Eurvelo currently includes 17 long-distance routes and more than 90,000 kilometers of other paths that criss-cross the continent.

Part of this substantial sum will also be devoted to local cycle tracks with a view to promoting cycling as a leisure activity and encouraging commuters to bike to work. However, the initiatives will not only be of benefit to Romanians, but will also attract eco-tourists and foreigners who are keen to discover the Eastern European country by bike.

The new program also includes funding for an updated legal framework for new forms of mobility, notably with respect to signage and regulations for cycling infrastructure.

Last but not least, all this investment will contribute to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and better air quality in Romania's major cities, which will be of further benefit to the country's tourism industry.

David Bénard