Your Monthly Zodiac Forecast: 5th June To 6th July 2021

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While your busy work schedule may make you feel like you have been overworked, you should never take shortcuts and cut corners, lest this upsets the systems at work. With the Wealth Star shining overhead, you should stay on the right side of the law while you benefit from it.

Southeast Asia is prone to flooding this month, with Northern Europe and Russia being prone to political instability.

Zodiac Monthly Forecast: 5th June – 6th July 2021


This will be a tumultuous month. Do be careful with what you say and take care to maintain personal relationships. Be kind toward others and do not expect your favours to be returned.

You may encounter some troubles at work. Engage in introspection and take a close look at yourself. Work on your weaknesses and learn to use the resources around you. Take heed of kidney and gastrointestinal problems. Seek medical help as soon as possible if you feel unwell.


Zodiac Monthly Forecast
Zodiac Monthly Forecast

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Your active reports on your progress at work have eased the worries of your superiors and you are likely to gain the trust of your bosses, leading to success in your career.

Maintain your drive and keep going, for a single exceptional performance will win you praise. However, do not halt your steps of progress or your luck will deteriorate. Watch your diet and consume dumplings in moderation.


There will be more benefactors who will help you out this month. The problems and doubts that you had previously will be successfully resolved. In handling work or business, all will go smoothly.

You will be able to communicate effectively with your colleagues and be able to make decisions promptly. In love, clashes with your partner are normal, and there is no need to assign blame. Complain less, be more accepting, and your relationship will become stronger.


Be extra careful of your health and the health of your elders. If you feel unwell, visit the doctor promptly. Take note of your choice of foods and do not overeat, for this will cause a burden to your body.

The elderly should eat at scheduled times to prevent gastrointestinal problems. Do not believe in rumours and be discerning with the people you meet.


The second half of the year is sneaking up on you and the projects you are in charge of are starting to look up. As such, you are getting recognition from your superiors and colleagues.

This will increase your sense of accomplishment, filling you with vigour for your next tasks. While this is a good thing, keep in mind that some important documents will still require your personal attention, or disputes might easily occur.


You are likely to neglect yourself when you are busy, so take note of your digestive health and do not overeat. Irregular eating habits and long-term work-related stress may cause constipation or bloating.

Take the time to exercise after work. This will increase your metabolism and improve your mental state.


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While you lead a regular life, you are also troubled by many matters. On the one hand, you feel that your life now is very comfortable. On the other hand, you cannot help but feel that it is very dull.

The source of your frustration may be because you have been idle for too long and your thoughts are occupied with unimportant things. Why not arrange for some activities to enrich yourself? You may be pleasantly surprised.


At work, you are troubled by gains and losses and will face many obstacles. Fortunately, benefactors will be there to lend you a hand. You may consider attending some self-improvement classes that will be beneficial to your body and mind.

There will be improvements in your relationship, so seize this opportunity and nurture your relationship attentively so that it can bear fruits. However, do not be too close to members of the opposite sex lest it creates misunderstandings.


Take charge of your work. If there are any important documents or meetings, attend to them personally and do not leave them to others. There are unscrupulous people waiting for an opportunity, so do not be careless.

Keep in mind that your workplace is where you make money and not friends. Speak carefully and be watchful of who you trust.


Zodiac Monthly Forecast
Zodiac Monthly Forecast

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You may encounter many difficulties with projects at work and others may doubt you. You should take their reasoning into consideration and see if you can remedy the situation.

This is the time to make use of the experience and network you have accumulated over the years.


You know when to get close and when to distance yourself from someone, respecting each other’s personal space. At work, you get along with your boss and colleagues and will feel like you belong.

Being loyal and righteous, you will gain the trust of your clients. This month, they are likely to come back and ask for your services, so be sure to grasp this opportunity.


If you find it hard to handle your tasks, do not just push yourself. Consider getting a helper to share your burden instead. Do not worry that others might think you lack inability.

Explain your situation to your superiors and they will understand. There are some projects you have to personally handle to ensure efficiency and progress. It is important to prioritise your task to know where to place your attention at.

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