Mom Spends 15 Hours Making “Back to the Future ”Homecoming Dress — and Daughter Cries at the Result (Exclusive)

This mom went viral after she perfectly recreated a dance from 'Back to the Future' for her daughter's homecoming dance

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@caitconquers/TikTok; Amblin Entertainment/Universal Pictures/Kobal/Shutterstock

The homecoming dance is a special moment for every high schooler — from getting ready to taking pictures on the stairwell, it's a rite of passage for teenagers.

Caitlin Trantham made her daughter Eden's first homecoming dance extra special by constructing and sewing her entire dress, replicating the outfit after Lea Thompson's character's dress in Back to the Future. She documented the entire process on her TikTok account, with many of the videos going viral.

In one video, Trantham captured her daughter's tear-filled reaction to the dress after she spent 15 hours over three days making her daughter's dress. "Who's cutting onions in here?!" Trantham joked in the caption of her video.

"Her homecoming dance was actually Back to the Future themed," Trantham tells PEOPLE. "I got the email, saw the flyer and immediately asked her if she needed a copy of Lorraine's dress for the dance. It's been on my sewing bucket list for forever, but I've never had a reason to make it!"

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<p>Caitlin Trantham; Amblin Entertainment/Universal Pictures/Kobal/Shutterstock</p> Caitlin Trantham's daughter at homecoming.

Caitlin Trantham; Amblin Entertainment/Universal Pictures/Kobal/Shutterstock

Caitlin Trantham's daughter at homecoming.

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Explaining that she and her daughter have different fashion tastes, she said that when Eden saw the pictures of the dress she said, "'This is fine. I actually think I like it.' This is high praise coming from a teen who doesn't like my style!" Trantham jokes.

Eden was involved in the design process, giving her opinion to help personalize the dress. "She picked the shade of pink and what overlay she liked best," Trantham says. "We worked on the fit together. Because it was strapless, the fit had to be perfect so she didn't have to mess with it all night."

"The biggest changes to the original design [were] the length (Eden wanted it shorter) and the fullness (she didn't want it to be too fluffy). We also changed the shape of the overlay to one length instead of the original high-low."

The one thing Eden wanted to add to the dress? "Pockets," her mom says. "We self-drafted pockets to hold her phone and everything else she wanted to bring. She didn't want to carry a bag, and she loved having the giant pockets."

<p>Caitlin Trantham</p> Caitlin Trantham's daughter at homecoming.

Caitlin Trantham

Caitlin Trantham's daughter at homecoming.

Trantham, whose family had been living in a hotel for five months since they were waiting on housing from the military, reveals that constructing the dress in such a small space made things a little difficult. "The hardest part was just having all the pieces sprawled out everywhere for a few days! The whole room became the dress," she says.

When the garment was finished, Tratham's daughter was so happy. "The further along we got in the process, the more excited she got. It went from, 'Sure this is fine,' to 'Mom, this is great. I'm so excited!'"

"Being in the hotel, she got to see so much more of the process," the proud mom says. "Usually I'm hidden away in my sewing room and no one really sees all the work that goes in."

"I think that's why she had such an emotional reaction when she put it on the first time. She saw me actually making it by hand, for her, for days. She really understood how I wanted to make it perfect for her, and that I wasn't going to stop until it was."

"On top of that, there is nothing like having a garment made especially for you. Imagine putting something on and everything about it is tailored to what you wanted. I think the mix of those two things really made her so happy!"

At the dance, Eden got a ton of compliments. "The craziest thing was that people recognized her and the dress from my videos on social media! I asked her if that was embarrassing, and she said 'No, it was really fun and funny to see people react.'"

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