Mom of Cornell Student Accused of Antisemitic Threats Says He Has ‘No Future’

Daily Beast/Broome County Sheriff’s Office via Reuters
Daily Beast/Broome County Sheriff’s Office via Reuters

The mother of a Cornell University accused of threatening antisemitic violence on campus says her son now “has no future.” Patrick Dai, 21, was arrested last Tuesday after allegedly posting a series of menacing messages online including threats to “shoot up” a university dining hall that largely caters for Jewish students. In an interview with the Democrat and Chronicle, Dai’s mother, Bing Liu, did not deny the seriousness of her son’s alleged actions, but said media reports hadn’t given a full picture of him. She pointed to an apology post her son purportedly wrote before his arrest which said there is “no room for divisive statements in person or online,” adding there’s “no excuse for the targeting of innocent civilians, much less my classmates.” She questioned why neither the FBI nor Cornell revealed “this important piece of information.” Liu also said she only learned of the allegations against her son when a friend texted her a Daily Beast story about his arrest.

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