Moka Fang denies being part of a celebrity wife "training camp"

Heidi Hsia
·1-min read

13 Aug – Moka Fang recently dismissed the notion that she was part of an alleged "training camp" for young women who wanted to marry celebrities.

As reported on HK01, the Chinese model who was accused of being "trained" by a woman named Amy before finally succeeding in marrying Cantopop King Aaron Kwok, was asked by a netizen about the said rumour, to which she responded by posting an illustration on her social media account bearing the words, "Calm down and don't follow rumours blindly. Rumours are self-defeating."

The whole issue sparked following Taiwanese singer Wilber Pan's marriage announcement to flight attendant Luna Xuan, which had since sparked Chinese businessman Wang Sicong's attention.

Wang then went on social media to "congratulate" a woman named Amy, saying that she now has truly powerful "generals" as one is married to Aaron Kwok and the other to Wilber.

Soon after, an old photo of the said woman surrounded by several young girls including Luna and Moka went viral on social media, further fuelling the rumours that both celebrity wives had indeed joined this "training camp" in order to get rich husbands.

It is noted that Luna previously made the news after she was revealed to have posted similar photos as other Chinese social media influencers - an allegation that led to Wilber threatening legal action against those who spread the rumours.

(Photo Source: hk01)