Moisturizing SPF Lip Balm—and More Clever Items to Simplify Your Life

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Shop water-based bug repellent, cold brew tea bags, and an extra-wide office chair.



During these weeks of seasonal transition, it's hard to reconcile the inevitable back-to-school/work energy with the (often) still-warm temps. It feels like we've still got one foot in summer and the other firmly planted in fall—we're ready for autumn, but there may be one or two more beach days on the way. Safeguard yourself from late-summer heat, sun, and bugs while gearing up for productive work days ahead. Shop soothing SPF lip balm, an innovative desk chair, and more clever finds below.

SPF Lip Balm


Never skip sunscreen on your face—including your lips. With a swipe of Kinfield Liplock SPF 15 Balm, your lips will stay hydrated and protected all day long.

Price at time of publish: $16

Wide-Seat Desk Chair


If you can’t seem to sit in a traditional chair like everyone else, here's the answer to your prayers: an armless desk chair made with an extra-wide seat so you can sit criss-cross applesauce—or in whatever position you find comfiest. It comes in three cute colors, a sleek design, and an adjustable height lever.

Price at time of publish: $85

Cold Brew Tea Bags


Ice tea is delicious—but brewing hot tea and waiting for it to cool down takes forever. Not with these nifty tea bags! These are specifically designed to be brewed in cold water, giving you refreshing iced tea in minutes instead of hours. Just add to chilled water, steep, and enjoy.

Price at time of publish: $15

Underarm Sweat Pads


Hot weather doesn't go away after Labor Day Weekend (and neither does stress sweat). Try these disposable underarm sweat pads that stick to the inside of your clothing (not your skin), absorb sweat like nobody’s business (because it is nobody’s business), and protect your outfits from sweat stains.

Price at time of publish: $10

Laundry Fur Remover


Having a furry friend is the best—until everything you own is covered in fur, even when it’s fresh out of the wash. FurZappers are the non-toxic, reusable, hypoallergenic, and skin-safe solution to keeping your laundry pet-hair-free. Toss these cute and sticky paw prints into the washer or dryer and watch as they collect all fur, lint, and hair from your clothing.

Price at time of publish: $15

Water-based Bug Repellent


We want to avoid bug bites, but we also want to avoid toxic chemicals. Trek’s Insect Repellent is a 100-percent all-natural and bio-based repellent formulated with essential oils. It naturally repels insects without harsh chemicals, synthetic fragrances, or preservatives so it’s safe for you, your skin, and the environment.

Price at time of publish: From $30

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