These Modern Chairs Are a New Take on Insanely Intricate Traditional Yoruba Chairs

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Photo credit: Alice Morgan
Photo credit: Alice Morgan

If you've ever wondered what it feels like to sit on a throne, designer Isatu Funna's new collection of Yoruba beaded chairs offers a chance to experience a taste of royalty without all the responsibility.

Inspired by the traditions of Sierra Leone, her native country, Funna founded the UK-based home and interiors brand, Dar Leone, in 2012, with an eye toward highlighting West African designs in wallpapers, cushions, and jewelry. Browsing the lavishly made items feels like a journey around the globe, from Yorkshire to Freetown.

Funna's new line honors the Yoruba people of Nigeria with traditional hand-beaded thrones, chairs that are comfortable and functional, and those held with a wooden base and covered with cloth. Every glass bead is embroidered by hand—the style, attention to detail, and craftsmanship is a perfect fit for a king or queen—and the prices range from $2,506–$2,745 and can be found on the Dar Leone website or made to order. The rich history to be discovered and learned by customers is the true gift of owning a piece from Dar Leone. Take a trip without leaving your home and enjoy one-of-a-kind luxury items created by skilled artisans.

Here are some of our favorite thrones below. We bet they make you feel like royalty every day from here on out.

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