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The exteriors

Even from the outside we can already catch a glimpse of the wooden roof, which expertly contrasts with the stone wall and lush garden trimmings. 

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Credits: homify / João Boullosa

​Modern, bright, and wonderful wood finishes: the must-see house

Our latest homify 360° discovery comes to us from João Boullosa, professional photographer in Porto, Portugal, who was fortunate enough to come into contact with this modern stunner.

So, a bit more about this modern marvel: it is strongly committed to the outdoors (as you’ll see by its various large windows and glass doors); it makes expert use of its floor space to combine furnishing, décor and more than adequate legroom; and, perhaps most importantly, it expertly flaunts the versatility of wood, letting it show itself in a myriad of different looks (modern, rustic, colonial, etc.) in various areas and surfaces.

Let’s see some visual representation, shall we?