Models Carried Their Own Severed Heads at Gucci

Jonathan Evans
Photo credit: Getty

From Esquire

Fashion insiders love to be jaded about fashion week, as a rule. It's all, "That's been done," or "I've seen it before." Well, try saying that about Gucci's latest show, which, aside from the clothes themselves - grandma and grandpa chic, in the best way possible - featured a couple of models carrying their own severed heads down the runway.

Yup. This happened:

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So did this:

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Oh, and for good measure, this model carried a baby dragon:

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I'm going out on a limb here and saying it's unlikely Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele actually discovered dragons. Or that he found and cast two sets of identical twins, only to force them to battle to the death before the show, the victor of each battle charged with carrying the loser's head down the runway as a demonstration of strength.

But what if he did?

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