Model Behavior: Lauren Chan Started Modeling to Make the Fashion Landscape More Inclusive

Welcome to Model Behavior, where we spotlight the up-and-coming faces to watch on the runway, and have them share a little bit about their life, career and more. Next is Lauren Chan, a Canadian editor-turned-entrepreneur-slash-model who's manifesting a Vogue China cover.

Name: Lauren Chan

Hometown: Brantford, ON, Canada

Zodiac/Lunar Sign: Leo/Horse

Pronouns: she/her

Agency: JAG

When did you start modeling? What was your first job? 10 years ago in 2013; e-commerce jobs like and

What made you interested in modeling? Wanting to make the fashion landscape more (1) size-inclusive and (2) inclusive of different representations of Asian folks.

What's your relationship to fashion/style? How has it evolved since you started working in the industry? My style has changed as I have grown up. The biggest difference is that I wear less trendy things and more things that make me feel like peak powerful. Think: menswear, suiting and the odd miniskirt.

What have been your most memorable gigs so far? My most memorable jobs have been with the iconic institutions where I didn't previously see folks like me represented: Sports Illustrated Swimsuit, Victoria's Secret and fashion week runways come to mind. I'm all about a game-changing gig!

Bucket-list modeling gig? I'll use this moment to manifest a Vogue China cover. *Wink.*

Coolest place you've been to as a model? My favorite place has been Barcelona. An unexpected runner-up was Sun Valley, Idaho.

Do you have any fashion week traditions? A facial massage with Joseph Carillo is my must-do prep.

What do you make sure to always carry with you during fashion week? My film camera!

Best piece of advice you've ever gotten? There are so many, but one that has been top of mind as I navigate a new chapter is that many people will give you great advice, but it's up to you to distill that through your experience and land on your own decision.

Favorite backstage memory from fashion week? When Symone watched Hannah Waddingham help me get undressed after a Christian Siriano show.

Weirdest thing that's happened to you at fashion week? When Symone watched Hannah Waddingham help me get undressed after a Christian Siriano show.

What's on your fashion week pump-up playlist? You can listen to my work playlist, here.

What's going through your mind when you're on the runway? Don't trip.

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