Moby Kazmi – Celebrating Christmas in July

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Dr. Moby Kazmi is co-founder and president of COPILOT Provider Support Services, a customized supplier of provider and patient-focused reimbursement programs (HUB’s).

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COPILOT utilizes a proprietary, industry-leading technology platform that ensures that bio-pharmaceutical clients receive accurate real-world data, intelligence, and program information.

We recently had the opportunity to speak with Moby Kazmi and learn a little more about his innovative company, and one of their recent charitable initiatives that has garnered significant media attention and helped bring smiles to the faces of hundreds of local children.

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  • Tell us about COPILOT Provider Support Services.

COPILOT Provider Support Services provides the life sciences industry with an advanced healthcare technology platform designed to power customized clinical and reimbursement support services. Through partnerships with biopharmaceutical and device manufacturers, we develop individualized programs for patients to support quicker and more affordable access to therapy. Our overarching goal is to ensure better clinical outcomes and improve lives for our patients.

COPILOT works individually with patients, physicians and their staff, managed care and pharmacy benefit managers to make the reimbursement process less complex. Our proprietary software supports operational efficiencies and will allow us to continue expanding into other disease states.

  • What is COPILOT Cares?

COPILOT Cares is our company’s philanthropic arm, identifying local and global opportunities for charitable giving and discovering how to bring resources directly to those in need. While COPILOT Cares is engaged in a number of causes, we typically focus on projects that provide access to basic human needs like water, food and shelter. We also host yearly Christmas in July events to benefit children’s hospitals and family-driven organizations.

Today, our entire company is engaged with COPILOT Cares and the philanthropic work we fulfill together. All funding for programs is raised through our team; we do not rely on any external donations.

  • How did Christmas in July get its start?

Years ago, I developed the event with my sister as a way to express gratitude and give back to our community. We reasoned that the summer months were particularly hard for young people unable to join their peers and enjoy typical summertime activities. Christmas in July began as an emotional lift to children at a time of year where perhaps it is less expected and therefore, perhaps, even more needed.

Growing up in New York, we were both very familiar with St. Mary’s Children’s Hospital. The organization is one the largest long-term care providers for children with special needs and life-limiting conditions. It was clear St. Mary’s was a perfect partner, and we decided to customize a giving program where each child could personally request a specific gift. We have continued this tradition for over 10 years.

In addition to this summer event, I often work with a dear friend and mentor, Dr. Bobby Kalotee, who has served as the co-chairman of Toys for Tots since 2006. In collaboration with COPILOT Cares, we have donated toys to children in developing nations such as El Salvador, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Guatemala, Grenada, Malawi, India and Pakistan.

  • What other organizations are partners of COPILOT Cares?

When COPILOT moved to Orlando, we immediately began searching for nonprofits and other like-minded organizations that share our values. Since our vision surrounds supporting basic human needs, the Orlando Union Rescue Mission (OURM) was an ideal fit. What initially struck me about OURM was its ability to holistically support an individual or family, providing services to help people experiencing homelessness to develop the skills and tools they need through educational and professional opportunities. The organization invests in those that simply need a helping hand to begin to thrive.

I am also personally dedicated to educational advancement and health of children in need, which also led me to join the board of AdventHealth for Children and support its West Lakes Early Learning Center. Similar to OURM, AdventHealth for Children has a similar philosophy, focusing on a holistic approach to mind, body and spirit. Overall, AdventHealth for Children is truly committed to people from cradle to career, and between the two, we could not ask for better partners.

  • Why is philanthropy important to you?

I am passionate about connecting with those in need and giving back as much as I can. It’s not about recognition, but rather, the idea of acting locally to begin to create change that is tangible and relatable. The hope is to serve as a role model for other corporations, and individuals in our own neighborhoods, to demonstrate how small acts can make a big impact. Even if you can help one person, you have made a positive change.

  • What advice do you have for other executives and business leaders thinking about taking a more active approach to philanthropy?

I believe executives and business leaders have a social and moral responsibility to consider the community where our businesses operate. We must connect in meaningful ways with those within our local neighborhoods. That said, I also see how creating opportunities for giving makes my company stronger, too. When you make active philanthropy a part of daily business, it creates a cohesive team that feels good about where they work and what they do every day.

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