MMORPG Albion Online’s “Knightfall” Patch Goes Live

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We recently published our beginner’s guide to Albion Online when the sandbox MMORPG launched its new Asian server, Albion East, in March. Now a major new patch for the game expands and improves the features introduced with the Beyond the Veil update, focusing on the strange and ancient realm known as the Mists.

This new trailer from Albion Online’s developers, Sandbox Interactive, showcases some of the new features included in the patch:

In celebration of the launch, Sandbox Interactive has also announced double Twitch Drops from May 8-15. These additional drops can be earned by watching any Albion stream that has even Drops enabled on Twitch.

For this major content patch, we took a look at some of the newest zones for players to discover.

The Mists: Opportunity and Mystery

Knightfall brings new features and improvements to the Mists, the new gameplay region introduced with last year’s Beyond the Veil update. These features and improvements are intended to provide players of all types and levels a chance at big rewards, regardless of whether they play alone or in groups, and whether they’re veterans or just starting out.

First up, Coffers are treasures that only reveal their location to nearby players, meaning they reward those who explore the Mists, and will not serve as an immediate target for all players in the zone. And Caches offer individualized loot for clearing mob camps in the Mists, rewarding those who participate in this content with reserved loot, though attacks by other players always remain a possibility, heightening the sense of danger.

Knightfall Abbey: A Remnant of Former Glory

Knightfall Abbey, a mysterious dungeon within the Mists, is an atmospheric realm of crumbling stone and beautiful stained-glass windows. Shimmering entrances to this dungeon will fade in and out of existence in the Mists, providing temporary access. Once inside, players will have to face the undead remains of the former Arthurian Knights whose halls they have invaded.

Clearing an area unlocks treasures as well as ancient shrines that give powerful offensive and defensive buffs, providing a boost against not only the undead, but against other adventurers who may have invaded the dungeon as well. And as the Mists begin to close in, a final treasure is revealed, offering further riches to the last player remaining.

Check out this recent Dev Talk on Knightfall Abbey from Albion’s Game Director:

New Items, Traders, Roads of Avalon Changes, and More

Knightfall brings brand-new items and crafting components. A new face in Brecilien, Eralia Wayfarer, trades new items to adventurers with sufficient standing. New Avalonian and Brecilien Capes offer unique defensive capabilities. Mystic Owl mounts carry players swiftly through the world, enemies in the Roads of Avalon now drop Avalonian Energy to strengthen their connection to new Avalonian Capes, and the Roads overall have been updated with new enemies, pathways, and gameplay opportunities.

And last but not least, Knightfall brings a huge number of quality-of-life changes to the game, from extensive combat balancing to a new WASD movement system to a “travel mode” that features a semi-transparent map overlay. Items can now be repaired directly in the Marketplace UI, and character gender can now be changed. The patch is rounded out with major optimizations to mobile and controller gameplay, new guild logos, Season Winner statues, and skill icons, and much more. For the complete list of changes, see the official patch notes.

Albion Online is free to download and play now!

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