MMO fans are using World of Warcraft’s new dragon race to flatten the game's hardest raid bosses in just 30 seconds

 World of Warcraft Dragonflight
World of Warcraft Dragonflight

World of Warcraft’s new Dracthyr race is proving to be a problem for Blizzard, with MMO fans taking advantage of one of its specialisations to flatten a myriad of high-end raid bosses.

Just last month, fans figured out you could take advantage of Augmentation Evokers’ ability to stack support benefits with other Dracthyr using the same specialisation to devastating effect. One popular clip saw a Heroic-difficulty Abberus raid run with the highlight being one 13 million DPS performance thanks to a raid set-up involving 22 Augmentation Evokers powering up two Unholy Dark Knights.

Blizzard isn’t for that, so the team issued a hotfix last month to restrict the Augmentation Evoker’s support ability to a maximum of four buffs per player. You’ve also got some degree of randomness to account for due to positioning, meaning that not all of the players you wish to buff with Ebon Might will get the benefit due to everyone scrambling around in a scrap.

Now, though, players have found a way around the fix. As Wowhead reports, the basics of it involve limiting your raid party to four Augmentation Evokers, and nailing your positioning to create a nominated ‘stack spot’. For it to work, you need four Augmentation Evokers positioned 100 years away from each other, though still within 100 yards of the stack spot. The rest of the raid team also needs to be 100 yards away from the stack spot and the specialisation users, with a summon ready to teleport in before the fighting starts.

There’s a fair bit going on here, but what it all leads to is the Assault of the Zaqali encounter on the same raid being cleared in 30 seconds on the Mythic difficulty, which is one tier away from the hardest the MMO has to offer.

While we all love big numbers and bosses getting flattened in no time at all, though, I imagine it won’t be long until Blizzard returns with a grander fix. Until then, though, enjoy your buffing circles – if you can get the positioning right.

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