Mizz Nina, Noh Salleh announce divorce

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5 Aug – After much speculations about their marriage, former singer Mizz Nina and HUJAN frontman Noh Salleh finally admitted that they are now divorced.

On the evening of 4 August, the couple shared a joint-statement on social media that read, "After much thought and careful consideration, we have both mutually agreed on going our separate ways."

"Alhamdulillah, we are grateful to Allah for allowing us to spend 11 beautiful years together with all the ups, downs and adventures. We also would like to thank all our supporters for showing us much love all these years. Don't worry, we are still friends and we wish well for each other."

"We can plan but Allah's plans are far greater. Please make lots of du'a for us especially during this Iddah period, we would appreciate everyone to respect our privacy, and in keeping with among others Sura' Al Hujurat verse 12, to not speculate or spread false assumptions about us to avoid fitnah. Your du'as and prayers are what we need."

It was two weeks ago that rumours of the couple's marital woes circulated online, though Noh vehemently denied it.

Mizz Nina, real name Shazrina Azman, tied the knot with the "Aku Skandal" singer in July 2011. It was back in April that they introduced their adopted son Musa.

The former couple are now going their separate ways
The former couple are now going their separate ways

(Photo Source: Mizz Nina Instagram)