Mix things up with a mustard beer for National Mustard Day

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A mustard-spiked beer is being released for the US's National Mustard Day

August 1 is National Mustard Day in the United States, the perfect time to bring out a brew spiked with the condiment, at least according to American brand French's.

Yeast to activate fermentation, a little fruit purée for citrus notes, and... mustard to top it all off. Iconic brand French's has developed a beer for National Mustard Day in conjunction with American brewery Oskar Blues. While beer lovers may grimace over the idea, it's very much a drinkable beer.

This artisanal wheat and mustard beer will be available starting August 1 until stocks run out. The brew has notes of lime, lemon, tangerine, and passionfruit. French's recommends it for barbecues.

The company, which dates back to 1904, has been distributing mustard in the United States since the beginning of the 20th century; its name has nothing to do with France but was taken from its founders' surname.

This isn't the first time that French's has come up with an innovative product based on its iconic ingredient. Who remembers mustard ice cream? That recipe was launched last year in association with Californian ice cream maker Coolhaus, again to mark the annual holiday. (It probably tasted better than another famously unusual product made by a Scottish ice cream brand: mayonnaise ice cream.)

In reality, using mustard to brew beer isn't all that new. Bister, a Belgian company specializing in condiments, already offers a similar beer. While French's uses finished mustard to create its brew, Bister's Jamboise Blonde is fermented with mustard seeds and available in the Belgian Wallonia region.