Mitchell Gets Revenge (and Water!) on His Sister Claire in Halloween-Themed Modern Family Sneak Peek



They may be grown up, but that isn’t stopping the Pritchett siblings from their childhood antics on Wednesday’s upcoming episode of Modern Family!

As the brother-sister duo ready for a Halloween party, Mitchell (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) has some fun — and gets some revenge — with his sister Claire (Julie Bowen).

“Dangit,” Mitch says as he walks into Claire’s kitchen and adjusts the rose on his blazer’s left pocket.

“What’s wrong?” Claire, who is dressed as a housewife with a knife through her head, asks her brother.

“Is this flower straight?” he questions her with a sigh.

As Claire attempts to adjust the red flower, water squirts out of the fake floral onto her face.

“Hahahaha! Halloween prank,” Mitch says with a laugh. “That’s payback from last year. A Pritchett always pays his debts.”

But as Claire claims that she has no idea what her brother is talking about, he quickly reminds her of the Freeman’s pool party from the previous year, when she – then dressed as a football player — pushed her brother — then dressed as a witch — into the pool while Gloria (Sofia Vergara) stared and laughed.

“Well now you’re the one who’s wet,” Mitch exclaims.

Unfortunately, it’s Phil (Ty Burrell) who takes a literal fall for his wife’s year-old prank.

Modern Family airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.