MIRROR concert cancelled after huge video screen fell on stage

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29 Jul - It was revealed that at least five people are injured, with three of them hospitalised following an incident that occurred during a performance of the Hong Kong boy band, MIRROR.

On 28 July, the group was performing a show at the Hong Kong Coliseum when one of the large video screens hanging above the stage crashed down.

In a viral video captured by a fan, audiences screamed as the said video screen came down on one of the dancers while knocking over another, causing the performance to abruptly stopped.

Organisers Music Nation and MakerVille have since issued a statement of apology afterwards, saying that they will thoroughly investigate the incident.

The remaining of MIRROR's concert has now been cancelled.

CEO Lo Tingfai also spoke to the media after a visit to the hospital, saying that one of the dancers was slightly injured with a few abrasions and strained muscle.

"The doctor suggested that the dancer is discharged if there is no serious injury," he said.

Another dancer, Mo, he said, is now awake and communicating with the doctor.

"Please give us some time. We are taking this incident very seriously, and we promise to thoroughly find out the cause of the accident. Please understand that we have no further information to share. The most important thing is the injured and their families, we will continue to communicate with them and provide all the assistance they need, and hope they can recover quickly."

A giant video screen fell down on the dancers
A giant video screen fell down on the dancers

(Photo Source: MIRROR Instagram, CNA)

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