Miriam Yeung on "Wonder Women": I'm not so forgiving in real life!

19 Dec – Although her character Lam Fei forgives her husband numerous times for his mistakes in her hit TVB series, "Wonder Women", Miriam Yeung recently admitted that she is not such a forgiving woman in real life.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress, who sat down for an interview to promote the said series recently, revealed that she may forgive the other party once for the mistake but would never accept it for the second time.

Asked if she would choose between returning to her husband or start a new romance with a man like Ho Tin (played by Pakho Chau), Miriam said that she will surely not return to her husband.

"There will always be a thorn in my heart that will affect my trust in him. But you can remain tolerant towards each other and continue taking care of the children together as friends," she said.

This year marks the tenth anniversary of marriage between Miriam and her own manager and husband Real Ting. Asked what made their relationship strong, the actress said that the most important thing in a relationship is trust and communication.

"Sometimes he would help me analyse things through the perspective of public relations, while I would give him opinion from the standpoint of an artiste. We always have a lot of room for discussion. We also often fly around together, so we really cherish the time we have for each other. We also give each other the privacy of our own space," she said.

(Photo Source: Mingpao)