Miriam Yeung wants to give something to Shawn Yue's wife

16 May – Hong Kong singer-actress Miriam Yeung expressed her happiness for good friend Shawn Yue, who recently welcomed his first baby.

According to Mingpao, the actress, who launched her "3 2 1! Go!" concert DVD, shared that she has already sent Shawn congratulatory wishes via text message, but has yet to visit baby Cody.

"I am very happy for him. He has always been a family man. Now that he has entered fatherhood, I believe it will be even better for him," she said.

Miriam said that she has yet to think of a gift for Shawn since the actor already has his own fashion brand.

"I am considering a gift for the mother [Sarah Wang] instead, since I know that a novice mother needs a lot of things," said the mother of one, adding that it is not easy being a mother for the first time.

When asked if she has plans to add a new member to the family, Miriam responded, "I have wanted a baby girl before. But as many other things in life, I will let God decide."

(Photo Source: Mingpao)