Miriam Yeung wants normal childhood for son

13 Nov – Although son Torres is now five years old, singer-actress Miriam Yeung said that she still has reservations about having her son being in the public's eye.

As reported on Mingpao, the singer, who shared that she has no plans to bring Torres to her New Year's concert, expressed hope that her son will have a simple childhood.

"I try my best not to let my son have too many public appearances," she said.

Said Miriam, although there are celebrity parents like Jordan Chan, who could star in a reality show with their children, she will not be one to do the same with Torres.

"As a mother, I just want to give my son a good childhood and let him experience going to school and be with the other kids. We don't have to provide them with life experiences so fast. Life is still very long," she said.

(Photo source: Miriam Yeung Instagram)