Miriam Quiambao may give birth prematurely

11 Feb – Miriam Quiambao recently admitted that there is a chance that her baby will be born prematurely due to her condition.

As reported on PEP, the actress, who is currently 34-weeks pregnant with her baby, shared that she will be having an ultrasound which will determine whether or not she needs to undergo an emergency C-section.

"The perinatologist says my placenta is still thickened and getting 'older' and calcified. This means that it's getting harder and further obstructing blood flow of nutrition and oxygen of the baby.

"As a result, the baby is still small for his age, and is about two weeks behind in terms of growth. If this progresses, the oxygen flow might be compromised and it might direct all the oxygen to the brain to preserve the baby at the expense of other bodily organs like the kidney.

"His head has descended further down and my cervix is getting shorter. There's a chance I might give birth to a preemie."

Quiambao also expressed hope for her fans and friends to pray for her baby's safety, that baby Elijah will be born safely with no harm.

It was back in August last year that Quiambao and husband Ardy Roberto, whom she married in 2014, announced that they are having a baby.

(Photo Source: Miriam Quiambao Instagram)