Miranda Kerr prefers essential oils to perfume

Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr much prefers the delicate scent of essential oils to perfume.

The Australian supermodel is currently nine months pregnant with her third child, her second with husband, Snapchat co-founder Evan Spiegel, and when she gave a beauty tutorial for Vogue.com, she revealed that she is sensitive to fragrance, so her friend makes an essential oil blend for her.

"Especially when I'm pregnant, I'm super sensitive to anyone wearing any perfume or fragrance but I like to smell good all the time, and that's why I like to use aromatherapy," she told viewers. "And this little oil was made for me by a friend of mine... and it contains geranium and neroli and I love like having your own little custom blend. It smells so good. Aromatherapy is the way to go as opposed to fragrance."

During the 10-minute video, Miranda took viewers through her skincare, hair and make-up routine, highlighting which products she likes to use for concealer, blush, and highlighter, for example. However, she didn't need to talk about mascara because she has false eyelashes, which she sees as a time-saving tool.

"I actually have false lashes so that's a really good way to save time. I think that they're awesome, especially for me being pregnant, it saves a lot of time, or just being a busy working mom or just being a busy person in general," the 36-year-old said.

But during her routine, she still used a brush shaped like a mascara wand to run through her eyelashes. While doing so, she added, "It's nice to not have to wear mascara, I don't know, it just makes things easier."

Miranda is also mum to sons Flynn, eight, from her marriage to Orlando Bloom, and Hart, who was born in May 2018.

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