Mimi Kung and Hugo Wong would love a sequel to "Finding Her Voice"

15 Nov– Both Mimi Kung and Hugo Ng have no qualms returning if there is a plan to shoot a sequel to their TVB series, "Finding Her Voice".

As reported on Mingpao, Hugo, who appeared at a promotional event alongside his aforementioned onscreen wife, said that he would love it if they could film a sequel with the original team in order to maintain the connection between the characters and the audiences.

"As for the subject matter, I hope it would be something realistic, but warm and light-hearted," he said.

As for Mimi, the actress joked that she hopes that Hugo's role in the sequel will be warmer, since he plays a stern man in the original.

"The most important thing is to bring something positive to the audience," she added.

(Photo Source: U Lifestyle)