Millennial Entrepreneur James Buxton Shares His Secrets to Wealth Creation

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James grew up in Farmington, Connecticut. Early on in his life, he was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, but that didn’t hold this 23-year-old back from becoming a successful entrepreneur. Let’s dive into his story.

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James, what brought you to the big decision of becoming an entrepreneur?

I always knew that I wanted to be an entrepreneur. When I was younger, I would go on YouTube and I would always look at kids that were selling stuff online. I would find inspiration in those kids that were 16 years old, making 50 or 60 thousand dollars. I would think about having my own clothing line one day. I didn't know exactly what type of business venture I wanted to get into, but I knew at the end of the day when I was older, I was either going to create my own app or I was going to do something where I'm making money off of my laptop and my phone, in my room.

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You really understand yourself well. Can you share the concept of your business?

So the concept of my business is to help average people become financially extraordinary through trading online cryptocurrencies. It provides people systems enabling them to make money while they're at their day job, or while they sleep. Passive and residual streams of income. This is going to provide a really big solution for a lot of people.

This is a very inspired plan for people to bring in an income. So, how does your business help people?

It educates them on different ways of making money. It will provide the information and the capital needed to elevate their life. A lot of people are not educated on making money online. They dream of financial freedom, they watch others succeed on social media, but most people don't know where to start their own path. So to be able to come into a platform that provides specialized information, that's going to enable people to claim their own income. That's really how this business helps people. We show people that they can take those chains off and start their own businesses. You can have the life that you want to live. You are your own boss.

Could you share with our audience the goals you have set for yourself personally and for your business?

For me personally, I am not here to bring money in for myself, my goal is to gain wisdom and insight. I aspire to bring in a seven-figure income with the intent to use it as a stepping stone. Eventually, I want to be able to own Real Estate. I am also going to retire my parents and I'm going to buy my mom a new house.

I am also really big on content creation. I got my bachelor's degree from Southern Connecticut State University in media screen studies and communications. There I studied how people focus on screens, I studied the science behind different types of advertising and how people react to certain media. Concepts like the colors of an ad that advertisers put out and how the human mind reacts to it, positively or negatively.

For my team, I want to duplicate multiple six-figure earners. I want my team to be so developed that they're not really going to need me anymore. I want them to be so educated on the platform that things are going to be able to run on their own. I want my team to make more money than I do.

You have a very giving personality. What are some of the adversities you had to face growing up and in growing your business?

I have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD. It was really hard for me to focus in school. There was one point where they even put me in a special needs class. It was really difficult, they didn't know what to do with me. I also had to take medication. But on the positive side, ADHD helps you be more successful in sports. I was a very athletic kid. No one could keep up with me. That high energy is my strength now.

When it came to struggles within my business, it was hard to have people take me seriously. I had to work hard to ensure my image reflected the hard working businessman that I was. It wasn't until I started getting results that others really stood up and took notice.

Another big hurdle I experienced was finding like-minded entrepreneurs. Especially, because I was on a college campus when I started this journey. Most of the people in my network were party-goers. It was a challenge to find people with the same work ethic that I was willing to put into my success at a time when most of the people around me just wanted to drink or get high.

Those are some very challenging hurdles to overcome, you have really persevered through it all. Can you share some gems of knowledge with aspiring entrepreneurs?

First, if you're going to start a business, you have to have a plan before you attack. Secondly, find a mentor, that's a requirement. Who do you know that is already winning at that business?
Find that person and do anything you can to get in close proximity with them, go grab coffee with them, FaceTime, zoom, text them, whatever. Ask as many questions as you possibly can and pick up all the valuable gems they share. Thirdly, work on your physical and spiritual development, work on yourself, go to the gym, and drink lots of water. Your body is a temple. Finally, read books about personal development. If you're not pouring into yourself every day, don't expect to flow the right energy into anything else.

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