Mila Jirin admits challenges in managing business during pandemic

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27 Jul – Although the COVID-19 pandemic has been hard on businesses, Mila Jirin stated that it has not once stopped her from moving forward.

The 34 year-old singer-turned-businesswoman, who has been managing multiple businesses since she started reducing her showbiz work in recent years, stated that there have been times that she felt paranoid, especially when she couldn't operate her company for months.

"I was worried what would happen to six of my companies and the 117 staff who worked with me, both full-time and part-time. But my husband and I face it by diversifying our business scope through various resources," she said.

Mila is also involved in catering and the wedding industry
Mila is also involved in catering and the wedding industry

Mila stated that she couldn't bear to let anybody go, seeing that some of them have even worked with her for a decade.

"But I have never felt lost or disappointed. I'm convinced that there is a reason why God put me in this position," she said. "Those that we can do, we will continue to do. God willing, there will be a way. We just have to keep on keeping on."

However, she admitted that there are businesses that couldn't continue due to the situation, and for her it would be her restaurant, Embun Urai in Puchong.

"There is always something that you can save and some you can't. That's normal," she said.

Mila even started selling durian recently
Mila even started selling durian recently

(Photo Source: Mila Jirin Instagram, My Metro)

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