MIL Wants DIL To Stop Breastfeeding So Baby Can Sleep Over At Her House

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Many in-laws mean well when advising new mums. But there are times when discussions between mothers and daughters-in-law reach a disagreement. More often than not, it involves the topic of raising kids.

A new mother recently went on a rant on Reddit after her nice but annoying mother-in-law insisted that she stop breastfeeding her own baby. Yes, you read that right!

“She Wants Me To Bottle Feed So She Can Keep LO Overnight”

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In her viral post, user Sensitive-Section137 shared her frustration with her baby’s grandmother.

She says while she feels accomplished about breastfeeding her baby, her mother-in-law wishes she would stop. She mentions how each time, her MiL would suggest that she start bottle feeding instead.

The Reddit mum further explained that her mother-in-law wants her to rest and often says that she deserves to “have a break.” She would even tell others how her daughter-in-law “should bottle feed so she can sleep better.”

But this only angered the Reddit mum further. Especially since she already told her how passionate she is about breastfeeding her baby.

She writes, “I also know she wants me to bottle feed so she can keep LO overnight but like, at 2 months!?!?”

Her husband doesn’t usually get involved. But he also started to suggest she start pumping. He reasons that if she ends up getting sick, then their baby will still have enough milk to drink.

She admits that while this a “valid point,” her husband doesn’t usually talk this way. Then adds that its possible that her mother-in-law may have mentioned it while she wasn’t around.

A Nice But Annoying Mother-In-Law

nice but annoying mother-in-law
nice but annoying mother-in-law

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User Sensitive-Section137 clarified that she doesn’t see her mother-in-law as a bad person. But “some habits and things” are not acceptable to her.

She adds that while she understands that this is the way of the family. And is aware that there are mothers who “immediately put their babies on formula so they can continue with their old lifestyles(drinking, smoking, partying).”

But says “That’s just not me.”

The Redditor adds, “I’m also not comfortable leaving my 2 month old alone with her and don’t really need a break.”

Mums Voice Their Opinion On The Nice But Annoying Mother-In-Law

nice but annoying mother-in-law
nice but annoying mother-in-law

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Seeking help to solve her problem, user Sensitive-Section137 says, “I wish there was a way I could finally get her to stop asking without coming off as rude…”

Responding to her post, fellow new mums suggested some solutions.

1. “To stop her asking you have to tell her to stop asking and burst her bubble.”

User GoddessofWind suggests getting straight to the point. She writes, “She has no say in how you raise your child, she has no right or need to have your child alone.”

“If she gets all butt hurt then that is her issue to deal with, you didn’t have a baby for her to play with like a dolly and she needs to adjust her expectations,” the new mum adds.

2. “Anyone who tells you that you “need a break” is not doing you a true favo[u]r.”

On the topic of breastfeeding, Reddit hello-mr-cat wrote, “If I really needed a break at that age it would be BETWEEN feeding sessions. Pumping is NOT a break!”

“And besides, you should be the one determining your own breaks, not having one scheduled and forced upon you,” she added.

3. “Remind them firmly that you had a child because you wanted a child and you are loving spending time with your child…”

Redditor tphatmcgee suggested that this has nothing to do with “breast vs bottle.” That it’s more about wanting to spend time with your own child. “You want to be with your own child, end of story,” she signed off.


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