Mike Tuviera sings praises of Maine Mendoza

Heidi Hsia

3 Jan – Mike Tuviera has nothing but good things to say about Maine Mendoza, his lead actress in the MMFF movie, "Mission Unstapabol: The Don Identity".

As reported on Inquirer, the filmmaker, who spoke about working with Mendoza in the movie, said that the actress is the kind of person who is driven by the need to continually develop herself and is never comfortable being in the same position for long.

"Among all my talents on the set, she's the only one who goes straight to the monitors to see how she did in her scenes," he said.

However, said Tuviera, the standard that she puts on herself also made Mendoza very critical of her own performance.

"But I also believe that that's the reason she has been making great strides as an actress," he said.

At the same time, Tuviera also praised the actress of being very observant, especially when it comes to tiny details.

"I have been working with her for three years now, and I think that it's something that comes naturally to her," said the director, who has also helmed Mendoza's previous films, 2016's "Imagine You and Me" and 2018's "Jack Em Popoy: The Puliscredibles".

(Photo source: Maine Mendoza Instagram)