Mike Infante, The Resilient Leader Who Defied All Odds

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Mike Infante is one of a kind. Going above and beyond the normal status quo of life, Mike puts a different perspective into that. Coming from Sacramento, California, is 20 year old Mike Infante. He is not your average twenty-year-old; he is someone that one might say is a golden light full of joy bringing a different outlook into the world. Living with cerebral palsy doesn't hold Mike back from anything.

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Mike is an actor, wheelchair bodybuilder for the WNBF, music video director, and a huge advocate in the disability community spreading awareness. Mike has done 23 theater productions and 3 films with the credits of Mother, The Sound of the Street, and Exercise and Realize. Mike enjoys acting, and another passion of his is fitness.

Alongside his acting, he loves lifting weights from posting workout videos on Instagram and just hitting a new weight in the gym. Mike grew up in a fitness lifestyle family. His life has always revolved around fitness from physical therapy, adapted PE and swimming. At the age of 15, Mike really got into the passion of weightlifting under the teaching of his adapted P.E. teacher Bob Bell and his dad.

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When Mike was 17 years old, he got more serious about weightlifting training with his dad. About a year later, Mike decided to go down the route of pursuing bodybuilding, competing in the WNBF World Natural bodybuilding Federation in the wheelchair division. In hopes of becoming a future WNBF Pro Bodybuilder for the wheelchair division, Mike wants to continue to grow the wheelchair division attracting more athletes to the stage. Mike’s big inspiration to getting into fitness is his dad.

“He is not only my dad but the best coach, pushing me day in and day out, helping me reach my full potential,” he said.

Mike’s mom is also another big inspiration of his. “My mom would push me hard in school when no one else did. She gave me life. She made me the man I am today, and I’m forever grateful. Mike also says, “My parents are fighters. They are determined and strong willed. I don’t know where I’d be today without them.”

Mike is also a music video director but with a twist. Mike says, “What makes me different from any other music video director is that I have a disability, but nonetheless, I make it work.”

With the help of Bailey Standley, Spencer Brown, Ed Meza, Zach P, and Teighan Fitz. He has a wonderful team of individuals that support him, making his videos possible. Mike did filmmaking back in high school doing promotional videos for Sheldon High School for the main stage theater productions. After graduating high school, Mike never thought he would be directing and editing music videos. Mike is learning new knowledge every day with the help of his team. Mike has done videos for Hennybanga, Chavatreyfou, Mulagang, Slim 12, and Katana, and behind the scenes for OMBE, Manny, and many more. Mike enjoys the creative process and just meeting new artists and having fun with it.

Mike is also a big advocate in the disability community, raising awareness about disabilities on social media, and breaking the stigma. He works alongside the California Foundation for Living Independence Center’s YO! Disabled And Proud. Mike was also featured on ABC 10 News on the behalf of youth with disabilities. Mike is very passionate about the disability community and making a change, letting younger kids with disabilities know they are not alone. Mike says that growing up being bullied and picked on for his disability looking to just be accepted is tough. But good things will come; he is a strong leader and hopes to spark change in the disability community.

There are many words to describe Mike Infante. Mike is resilient, strong, and a fearless leader. With everything he does, he never gives up. His ultimate goal is to inspire people with and without disabilities chasing their goals, spreading positivity and love to everyone. Mike is a cerebral palsy warrior. Mike’s next film is The Cerebral Palsy Warrior Documentary, directed by Bailey Standley.

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