Mika dela Cruz wants to focus on vlogging

Heidi Hsia

8 Nov – Mika dela Cruz has no plans to star in another teleserye in the near future, and will instead focus on vlogging.

As reported on Push, the actress shared her plan recently, saying that she would like to focus on her YouTube channel for the rest of the year and be more consistent in posting new videos.

"I'm tired of doing soaps, so now I am going to focus on that instead," she added.

dela Cruz claimed that she actually started her vlog way before it became a trend among celebrities, but that she never had time to pay a lot of her attention to it.

"Now I have found my niche. I'm getting started again. I'm picking up from where I started my first video," she said.

As to why she prefers to vlog, the actress stated that she likes interacting with people and inspiring them, as vlogging feels more personal.

"In a way, I just want to explore something else. It's a year of learning for me. I'm trying to post more regularly. It's hard because you have to edit everything. I'm also working on other stuff and I'm also studying right now," dela Cruz added.

(Photo Source: Mika dela Cruz Instagram)