Who is Miguel Maya? Inside With the Creator of Viral Instagram Pages

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With the endless opportunities the world of social media has created, businesses and individuals alike were bound to find unique ways to translate this tremendous tool into a means by which to grow their brands. Social media has opened many doors for individuals and companies to help them create an audience and make the most of their followings. Viral Content Creator and Entrepreneur Miguel Maya, has already taken it upon himself to use this style of digital marketing and branding to his advantage. Miguel has found that many corporations and individuals lack the experience and means to create meaningful, impactful, and lasting digital brands in this hyper-competitive market.

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There have been a wide variety of users who have managed to build an impressive following on Instagram without putting their personal content at the forefront of it all. Someone all too familiar with being a behind-the-scenes social media star is Miguel Maya. With a combined Instagram network of over 5 million followers, Miguel’s pages accrue billions of impressions every single week.

Miguel shared that, “If it weren’t for Instagram I wouldn’t have been able to follow my own path in life. He created his Instagram page in Dec 2012 while he was still a student in middle school. While other high schoolers were playing video games and complaining about AP classes, Miguel was building a name for himself, and a successful business. He started off as simply a fun and interesting hobby for him, and Miguel has been lucky enough to grow a network of over 5 million followers. In doing so, he has been able to make a living off of social media after graduating. Miguel has been fortunate enough to help my parents and family out financially.

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Miguel has been able to quickly establish himself as one of the premier digital brand-builders in the U.S. He now helps companies and individuals establish themselves online in a multitude of ways. With attention to detail, and comprehensive knowledge about his market and customers, Miguel has become a serial brand-builder, servicing clients across a large international network.

And while this may come as unbelievable to many, Miguel has a plethora of famous and credible sources to back him up. He uses his huge following to help people and spread positive messages. He thinks that it is very important to speak out when something is going on with the world. Although it might not fix the problem, his message could possibly make a change.

About his plans for the future Miguel shared, “He will continue to focus on growing his Viral Instagram Pages @Childshoodpost and @idisneys and continue to use his platform to keep expanding and help more people out. Continuing to make people laugh and happy with his content.

As the digital climate continues to evolve it is clear that it will require initiative and hard work from those who wish to stay on top. One thing is for sure, however the space changes, it is certain that Miguel Maya will be there, leading the charge.

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