Mighty: Why pay for a web browser?

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Mighty is a web browser that's hosted in the cloud.

American startup Mighty has introduced a new kind of web browser that's hosted entirely in the cloud. The aim is to provide a high-performance tool that's faster than Chrome or Firefox, no matter what hardware you're using. But the service will come at a cost, with subscription fees of $30 a month.

On paper, Mighty is billed as a particularly innovative browser, seeing as it's hosted entirely in the cloud. In fact, it's not your computer that handles interactions with websites and online activity, but a remote server. So, in theory, there should be no more problems with RAM or with overheating, no matter how many tabs you've got open. Even the battery life of your computer should feel the benefit. As a result, Mighty promises a fast and effective web browser experience with no need for the latest high-end computer. Plus, since your browser is in the cloud, it is, in theory, never "closed," so your data remains accessible at any time from any connected device.

All this is made possible thanks to a setup of heavyweight machines powered by 16-core processors matched with 16 GB of RAM, and all linked to a 1,000 Mbps internet connection.

But this service will come at a cost, with subscription fees of no less than $30 a month, according to The Verge. Find out more about the project on the Mighty website mightyapp.com ahead of the browser's official launch.

Watch the Mighty video demo: youtu.be/dWPdDgSZ5yU

David Bénard