We Might’ve Ruined Pickles for Grace VanderWaal

·1-min read

So…basically, the singer Grace VanderWaal went THROUGH it during this episode of Expensive Taste Test. Ms. VanderWaal lost her love for pickles, nearly broke a tooth, and got emotionally attached to a mannequin head. Honestly, it’s the level of commitment I expect from all guests moving forward. If you’re not prepared to chip a tooth/ruin your palate, you’re not taking this game seriously enough, IMO.

Sure, Grace is a beyond talented vocalist who’s been killing the game since she was barely a teen. But! Can she figure out which jalapeño chip would be more expensive when given two options? That’s a true skill. At one point in the episode, Grace said in her own (famous last?) words, “I’m, like, so amazing at everything I do.” That sounds like a champion to me. Watch for yourself and see if she lived up to her own hype.

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