Mickey Huang saddened by Godfrey Gao and Goo Ha-ra's passing

30 Nov – Taiwanese TV personality Mickey Huang recently expressed sadness over the passing of two celebrities this week - the model-actor Godfrey Gao and Korean idol Goo Ha-ra.

As reported on Epoch Times, the TV host, who was asked to comment about the tragedy that befallen Godfrey on the set of the reality show, "Chase Me", stated that he had the opportunity to work with the actor before.

"He was a bright person and very handsome. As a variety show host, we always want to work with artistes who can cooperate with us without paying too much focus on their image and he was one of those artistes. I hope he will rest in peace," he said.

As someone who is involved in variety shows himself, Mickey acknowledged the fact that certain programmes are quite extreme, as it will go beyond limits to seek great results.

"We try to do it within our control, and everybody, including TV stations, producers, and managers must make sure that the artiste's health is adequate. But sometimes you can be too hyperactive when playing a game. There are many situations that is difficult for us to grasp," he said.

As for Goo Ha-ra, who was found dead at her home in Gangnam on 24 November of a possible suicide, Mickey stated that he was fortunate to have met her once in the past.

"When talking to her, I realised what a lively girl she was. I kept thinking what had happened since then? It was really regrettable," he said.

As a professional host, Mickey said that the only thing he can say is that artistes should always pay attention to their physical condition and mental health, to find ways to vent your emotions to avoid regrettable situation.

(Photo Source: IMDB)