Mickey Huang postpones Taipei wedding in April

24 Mar - Mickey Huang recently announced that he and wife Summer Meng will be postponing their wedding banquet, which was scheduled to be held in Taipei next month.

As reported on Mingpao, the TV personality shared the news on Facebook on 19 March, saying that he and his wife made the decision after deliberating on the situation, as many of her bridesmaids will not be able to fly to Taiwan to be at the wedding.

He also added that the idea of having a thousand guests including the media would be a huge risk to everybody during this tough period.

"As everybody knows, nobody would expect a pandemic to happen. But the one thing we can control is our own safety," he said.

Mickey also thanked everybody who have been working hard in the preparation for the wedding, from the makers of the wedding attire, the limousine, the invitations, to sponsors who sent them gifts.

The entertainer also added that he hopes to see everybody soon if there is an opportunity to do so.

Mickey and Summer announced that they had registered their marriage in early March, six years since their relationship became public knowledge. The couple originally planned to hold the wedding on 19 April.

(Photo Source: Summer Meng Instagram)