Mickey Guyton's 'O Holy Night' Performance Will Go Down as One of the Best in History

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It's no secret that Mickey Guyton is an absolutely powerhouse. All this year the Grammy-nominated singer has done showstopping events for her fans, and Wednesday's Rockefeller Christmas Tree Lighting performance was no exception.

In case you missed it: Mickey sang three holiday songs during the 89th annual lighting ceremony. And while she clearly brought down the house with all of the tunes, it was her cover of O Holy Night that still has people talking. The emotion in Mickey's voice was so powerful, many fans took to social media after watching to comment on her performance.

"This was the greatest performance I've ever seen someone sing Oh Holy Night! ... Just beautiful I darn near cried," one person commented on YouTube. "I have to say you really sang oh holy night so beautiful you really have a beautiful voice," someone else wrote on Twitter. "Killed it!! Best performance I have ever heard of hers," said another.

Of course, this isn't the first time Mickey has sang the song. She's been singing it for years and each time proves that her vocals are unmatched.

Fans of Mickey's were also super impressed by her all-red outfit. Mickey posted on Instagram that her jacket, bodysuit, belt, and skirt (with a stunning side-slit), were all from designer Sergio Hudson.

"This look is🔥, " one person wrote. "Beautiful," someone else simply wrote. "Love, love, love, this look," said another commentor.

Mickey, who recently shared that her son has been recuperating after a severe illness, took a moment to let her fans know how thankful she was to be part of such a historic event as well as for all the love. "Here I am at such a historic moment and tradition in New York. I love you guys so bad," she said.

We can't wait to see Mickey's next performance!

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