Michelle Dee won't let pressure ruin her Miss World chance

Heidi Hsia

9 Aug – Michelle Dee recently revealed that mum Melanie Marquez has no qualms with her decision to try her luck with beauty pageants.

As reported on PEP, Dee, who recently announced that she is competing in the Miss World Philippines 2019, shared that the former Miss International 1979 knew that she wouldn't have joined if she is not ready.

"The fact that I signed up and applied has already gave her a sign that [her daughter] is ready," she said. "Honestly, looking back, she was nothing but support[ive] for whatever endeavour I chose to do."

However, the pageant hopeful said that her mother will not get involved too much in her preparation for the competition, except for sharing some tips with her.

Asked if she feels pressured to do well due to the fact that her mother was a beauty queen herself, Dee said that the pressure only pushes her to do her best.

"It's inevitable to be compared to your parents and most of the feedback I've been getting haven't been bad. So I just take whatever comments they have, whatever criticisms they have, and just construct in a way that will help me," she said.

(Photo Source: Michelle Dee Instagram)