Michelle Dee thanks supporters after 2019 Miss World journey

Heidi Hsia

20 Dec – Michelle Dee finally took to social media to express her thoughts about her Miss World journey after the competition ended earlier this week.

On 18 December, the actress shared a couple of photos from the pageant and wrote, "It's been an absolutely amazing run and I can't be anymore luckier to have my [countrymen] stand by me throughout this whole experience."

"Miss World has made me a better, stronger, and wiser person overall and as I've said time and time again, everything happens for a reason. We all stood on that stage driven by passion and a unified goal to make this world a better place in our own ways," she added.

Dee also stated that she wouldn't have made it thus far without the support of her fellow Filipinos, adding that they are her "strength, purpose, and anchor", and that it gives her so much pride to be called Filipino.

"We definitely showed the world what we had to offer as one nation and I hope I made you all proud. I can't wait to see you all back home!" she added.

Dee successfully entered the Top 12 semifinals during the Miss World 2019 pageant held in London, but did not succeed in making it in the top 5. The crown was eventually won by Miss Jamaica, Toni-Ann Singh.

(Photo Source: Michelle Dee Instagram)