Michelle Chen denies involvement with Anthony Neely

13 Feb – Taiwanese actress Michelle Chen has dismissed rumours that she was one of the actresses whom Anthony Neely cheated with while still married to his wife ViVi.

As reported on China Press, the rumours sparked recently after tabloids revealed that the Taiwanese singer has admitted to his ex-wife that he had several affairs with other female stars while still being married.

Anthony reportedly told ViVi that one of the artistes is an A-lister who is known for her fresh image, and who works in both film and television.

Many began to speculate that Anthony was talking about Michelle, of whom he worked with in the 2012 rom-com, "The Soul of Bread".

The actress' management company had since denied the rumours, saying, "In the light of the scandal concerning artiste Anthony Neely, it is a fact that our artistes are not involved in other people's family affairs. The company will not hesitate in taking legal action if the media or the public continue making untrue statements."

(Photo Source: China Times)