Michael Miu and Eddie Cheung collaborate for the first time

19 May - Hong Kong actor Michael Miu admitted that he was as amazed as anybody else with the fact that he has never worked with fellow actor Eddie Cheung before.

As reported on Liberty Times, the actor, who is set to star in TVB's new drama, "Flying Tiger" opposite Eddie, shared that it has been 30 years since they've known each other, and yet they were never teamed up for a project.

"I hope I can learn a lot from Eddie, since he is an actor in a class of his own," said Michael about Eddie.

To that, Eddie responded, "You are the world's most stylish man. I am way behind you."

When asked if the two of them have undergone rigorous training for their role in the drama, Michael said that after 20 years, it's really hard for him to exercise his muscles at his age.

Both stars will play the team leaders in the Special Duties Unit (SDU) in the new drama.

(Photo Source: STheadline.com)