Michael Fassbender joins David Hasselhoff for 'Kung Fury' movie

German-Irish actor Michael Fassbender is a regular in the "X-Men" and "Alien" franchises

Irish-German actor Michael Fassbender is in for "Kung Fury II: The Movie," sequel to David Sandberg's 2015 exaggerated action movie homage.

There's no information about the role Michael Fassbender will play in "Kung Fury II," but we know that he is involved.

David Hasselhoff had a cameo in the original "Kung Fury," sung its theme tune "True Survivor," and starred in the official music video.

Financed through Kickstarter, the short film adopted a 1980s retro aesthetic in its homage to martial arts movies of the time.

The follow-up takes the form of a feature film and is set in 1985 Miami.

The first was centered around title character, Kung Fury, the best cop of all time and the leader of an elite fighting force responsible for staving off the Kung Fuhrer, a reanimated Adolf Hitler.

But in "Kung Fury II: The Movie," when Fury's Thundercops police unit disbands, a mysterious villain emerges to assist the Fuhrer in attaining the ultimate weapon.

Swedish commercial and music video director Sandberg used his production expertise to create a VFX-heavy, stunt-laden blast of nostalgia and satire; posted to YouTube after a Cannes Film Festival presentation, "Kung Fury" rocketed to double-digit views within a week.

As the "Kung Fury II" casting news broke, The Daily Beast published a report on a restraining order request filed against Fassbender by his then-girlfriend in 2010, later withdrawn in 2012.

David Hasselhoff starred in TV series "Knight Rider" as vigilante detective Michael Knight, which ran from 1982 to 1986, and then in "Baywatch" from 1989 to 2000.

Just as he wore a wig to play occasional "Knight Rider" villain Garthe Knight, he donned a hairpiece for the "True Survivor" video in order to replicate the 80s-era mullet with which he had become well associated.

The announcement was made ahead of the annual European Film Market, which runs alongside the Berlin International Film Festival, February 15-23, 2018.