Michael Cohen Spots Desperate Sign From Donald Trump

Donald Trump’s ramping up of his ranting, hate-filled videos that he’s shared on his Truth Social platform in recent days is down to one thing, according to the former president’s one-time fixer Michael Cohen.

“Donald is running scared and this is what he does, he needs to vent and the only way that he can vent right now is to do it through his postings on Twitter or on his Truth Social situation,” Cohen said on the latest episode of the “Political Beatdown” podcast from the MeidasTouch Network.

“He needs to vent in order to make himself feel better, better about the situation,” continued Cohen, who flipped on Trump in the Stormy Daniels hush money case and was sentenced to three years in prison.

“He technically knows his ass is cooked,” he added, noting the mounting indictments of Trump.

In one of the dozens of clips, Trump called President Joe Biden a “lunatic” and a “mental catastrophe” who was leading America “to hell.”

“Yeah, he’s leading our country to hell while ‘Donald Diaper’ is sitting there, crapping in his Pampers,” Cohen swiped in response.

He also slammed “the shit that’s coming out of” Trump’s mouth as one of his “dumbest” moves yet.

Watch the episode here: