MetLife Stadium Releases Advisory to Taylor Swift Fans in New Jersey

MetLife Stadium Releases Advisory to Taylor Swift Fans in New Jersey

Sooo, as you likely noticed, the other day Taylor Swift hopped onto Twitter and revealed that "for those of you going to the East Rutherford shows - we will have a new special edition CD available ONLY on site starting at 12:30pm ET on Friday! This CD will have a never before heard Midnights vault track called 'You’re Losing Me'!"

And considering Taylor's merch lines have been intense at just your average tour stop where new music *isn't* being released, the vibe in East Rutherford is expected to be chaotic. To the point where MetLife Stadium released a warning to fans in the area, saying they cannot come if they don't have a ticket.

“To be clear, do not come to MetLife Stadium if you are not in possession of a ticket to the Taylor Swift concert," they wrote. "Our parking lots and public transportation will be at maximum capacity and are only for guests who have tickets. Tickets must correspond to that evening’s show. Violation of MetLife Stadium policies may result in ejection from the property and being banned from attending future events."

Annnnnyway, apparently this was the vibe at MetLife Stadium yesterday:

And meanwhile fans seem pretty convinced that Taylor's new song is going to be about her breakup with Joe Alwyn—just based on the title alone, which is, again "You're Losing Me." Soooo, whoever gets their hands on a CD please do everyone a solid and report back?

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